Featured Projects

My Personal Website

This is the site you're currently on. On this website, you'll find my portfolio and blog where I write technical articles on web development.

React Crypto Order Book

This is a web app I built to stream crypto currencies order books in real-time using web sockets. It includes major crypto currencies around the world.

GitHub Profile

Demo GitHub client for viewing GitHub users profile. I used 0Auth to persist login and using the v3 of GitHub's API.

TransferWise Clone

I cloned the homepage of transferwise.com. I attempted the design and most functionalities present on the website.

Unsplash Clone

I cloned the popular stock image website unsplash.com. According to the terms, I attempted to create a design that is not identical to the original.

React Admin Dashboard UI

Admin dashboard UI design with React and TailwindCSS. Includes responsive design.

Kaprekar's Constant Challenge

My solution to Kaprekar's Constant hosted on Codepen.